Teak Veneered Plywood


Teak and teak veneeres are staples in luxury yacht and home construction. Nearly every yacht manufacturer has come to rely on teak as a luxury finish. Well finished teak has become common in high end homes and offices as well.

Teak Veneered Plywood Panels – Always in Stock at Wood-Chip!

Starting with a high quality veneer core and a marine based glue, our pre veneered teak plywood panels are the perfect starting point for your fine finish construction project. With the marine based glue and FEQ void free defect free face veneer these panels should last a lifetime.

¬†Available in one side veneered and two side veneered these panels come pre-sanded and are perfect for high gloss finishes.¬† We carry thicknesses of 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ with both flat cut and quarter sawn faces. Call now to discuss your cut list, grain pattern, and shipping options.

veneered-plywood-for-sale-ft lauderdale

Teak and teak-veneered plywood for sale:


  • teak-veneered-plywoodYacht Wall Paneling
  • Custom Entertainment Centers
  • Fine Furniture Construction
  • Shelving and Drawer Construction
  • Custom Entry Doors
  • Decorative T
    able Tops

Don’t forget Wood-Chip also stocks iron on edge banding. Don’t leave those unfinished plywood edges visible… come to Wood-Chip for our pre glued edge banding.

Proudly serving the south florida yachting community, with local delivery available throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach.


Teak Plywood Veneers