Walnut Hardwood

Walnut Hardwood Lumber

Wood-Chip stocks one of south florida’s largest ready-supplies of walnut hardwood boards, available in a variety of sizes. Our inventory of walnut lumber is hand selected and happens to be one particular species of wood where our quality is truly unmatched.  Conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, we also offer delivery service throughout Miami, and Palm Beach counties in addition to shipping nationwide.

  • SIZES: We carry walnut in the following sizes:  4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 12/4, 16/4 and a variety of rare thicknesses.  
  • Carpenters, craftsman, and artists often use our lumber in the fabrication of: Walnut Bed Frames, Walnut Dining Tables and Chairs, Walnut Coffee Tables, Walnut Jewelry Boxes, Walnut Desks & Walnut Dressers
Walnut slab

Walnut used to make wood drawer

More About Walnut Lumber

Black walnut is a hearty, strong wood defined by its rich deep, dark brown hues and unique figure. The lumber has natural color variation ranging from dark to lighter browns with blond or white sapwood.

Walnut is most often kiln dried, and can be steamed during that process.  Unsteamed walnut maintains more dramatic color variations and characteristics. Both types often have beautiful grain structure, and are one of the most popular species of hardwood that we carry.

There are three native North American walnut trees used for lumber:

  • the central and eastern American black walnut, J. nigra,
  • the Nothern Californian black walnut, J. hindsii, (also known as “Claro”), and
  • butternut (J. cinerea).

The most cultivated walnut tree, J. regia, is often referred to as English walnut and produces the best variety of nut. Its name is taken from the English merchant marines who once controlled its world commerce.  Making up the largest orchard in the world, the English walnut tree had been integral in the development of walnut lumber because of both its popular nut and its adaptability. It was imported to California more than a century ago, and has changed both the native forest landscape and the timber industry.

The carpenters as Woodchip specialize in creating custom walnut furniture and tables.  Talk to us today about realizing your vision in Walnut, one of the most timeless and classy hardwoods of all time.


We stock many rare walnut hardwood boards


Custom built walnut dining room table