Maple Hardwood



Maple Boards in every size

Sample grain of Flat Cut Maple






Species Name:  Acer Saccharum

Common Names:  Hard Maple, Rock Maple, Sugar Maple, White Maple

Workability:  Fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools, though slightly more difficult than soft maple due to Hard Maple’s higher density. Maple has a tendency to burn when being machined with high-speed cutters such as in a router. Turns, glues, and finishes well, though blotches can occur when staining, and a pre-conditioner, gel stain, or toner may be necessary to get an even color

Common Uses:  Boat building, Boxes and crates, Cabinetmaking, Furniture , Instrument cases, Interior trim, Joinery, Millwork, Paneling , Woodenware, Bedroom suites, Building materials, Chairs, Chests, Desks, Dining-room furniture, Dowell pins, Dowells, Drawer sides, Fine furniture, Interior construction, Kitchen cabinets, Lifeboats, Living-room suites, Moldings, Office furniture, Picture frames, Electronics Consoles, , Shipbuilding, Stools, Tables , Trimming

Thicknesses Available:  1/4″, 1/2″, 4/4, 6/4,8/4, 10/4 and up available on special order

Widths Available: 1″-10″ in stock, plus sizes available on special order.