Mahogany Hardwood

woodchip-lumber-flatcut-mahogany-sample-grain-browardMAHOGANY HARDWOOD

Woodchip carries a large supply of African, Central American (primarily Brazilian) and Traditional North American Mahogany in stock.

The name mahogany is presently applied to several distinct kinds of commercial wood. The original mahogany wood, produced by Swietenia mahagoni, came from the American West Indies. This was the premier wood for fine furniture cabinet work and shipbuilding in Europe as early as the 1600s.  A related African wood, of the genus Khaya, has long been marketed as “African mahogany and is used for much the same purposes as American mahogany because of its similar properties and overall appearance.

True American Mahogany ranges from southern Mexico through Central America into South America as far south as Bolivia. The heartwood varies from pale pink or salmon colored to dark reddish brown. The grain is generally straighter than that of the African Mahogany.

Workability: Relatively easy for woodworkers.  Mahogany cuts nicely with a saw with minimal kick-back.  Mahogany is a relatively hard wood in characteristic, so it is hard on cutting blade. It sands very easily, and turns, glues, stains, and finishes well.

Common Uses:  Long used in the boat business, the wood is also commonly used in Furniture making, cabinetry, woodworking,  turnings on a lathe, veneers, musical instruments, boatbuilding, decorative seats, electronics consoles, fine woodwork on yachts, yacht and carving.

Various Sizes of Mahogany in stock

Various Sizes in stock

Thicknesses Avaiable:  4/4, 6/4, 8/4

Widths Available:  Stocked in sizes from 1″ through 14″.  Other species available as well