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 Ipe Wood

Ipe Wood Texture


There has been an uptick in the popularity of Ipe (pronounced ‘EEY-PAY‘) in the past few years, and many upscale builders and designers are increasingly incorporating the hardwood into their building plans.  Wood-Chip carries a large supply of Ipe wood in stock, available Rough-Sawn or S4S.

  • Ipe is extremely durable, resists flames, and does not float. 
  • Ipe has a natural oil that makes it highly resistant to insects, mildew and decay, including both subterranean and dry-wood termites, but is susceptible to marine borer attack.
  • Ipe lumber lasts a minimum of 25 years, although many architects say it can last up to half a century if maintained properly.
  • It has the same fire rating as concrete and steel, meaning it resists flames much longer than softer woods

About Ipe

Often referred to as “Brazilian Walnut“, “Grandfather Wood” or “Lapacho” by many of our customers, Ipe is found in Central and South America and parts of the Caribbean. The sapwood is creamy-white or yellowish gray, and sharply differentiated from heartwood, which is olive brown with lighter or darker streaks.. The texture is fine to medium. The grain is straight to very irregular and often narrowly interlocked. The wood is very heavy and averages about 1,025 kg/m3 (64 lb/ft3) at 12% moisture content.

Common Uses:  Ipe wood often is used outdoors as decking and siding. Inside, it’s typically seen in flooring or cabinetry.


Ipe Wood Decking

Working Qualities:   Ipe is extremely dense, very strong, and very durable. It is two to three times harder than Cedar or White Oak. Because of its high density and hardness, it is moderately difficult to machine and screw holes must be pre-bored.  It dries extremely well with little checking, twisting or bowing.

For more about Ipe, its uses and growing popularity, check out the recent WSJ Article IPE:Wood That’s Tough as Nails.

And don’t forget, Wood-Chip can deliver your Ipe right to your door in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.