Wood-Chip is your retail source for domestic and exotic hardwoods. As one of the leading vendors of specialty hardwood lumber in South Florida, we carry many North American species such as cherry, oak, ash, and the ever affordable poplar. We also carry a wide selection exotic woods such as ipe, wenge, and zebra wood. All boards are available rough, planed, or surfaced on four sides.

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As we are well seeded in the yacht remodeling industry, we always carry a broad selection of the highest quality Burmese teak and mahogany lumber in stock at our Ft. Lauderdale showroom.   Click the wood grain you’re interested in below for more info about uses and our current supply.  If you don’t see something you’re looking for, give us a call.

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What’s the difference in rough sawn, s2s, and s4s lumber?

When making a hardwood or softwood purchase you may hear all types of terms like rough sawn, s2s, or s4s. Lets take a second to clarify these terms… it will certainly make your purchase easier.


 In an effort to simplify the measurement of hardwoods many specialty lumber yards sell their wood by the board foot (click here to learn more). To account for the varying thicknesses and widths of rough sawn hardwoods, the formula L x W x T ÷ 144 = B/F is used. The term rough sawn is used as there are no finished edges.

 As many home carpenters and some smaller carpentry shops don’t have a thickness planer, Wood-Chip offers free surfacing on all hardwoods. The term for this finished product is s2s or Surfaced-On-2 sides. S2S is the perfect starting point for most carpenters who have a table saw available.

 Don’t have a table saw, or time to straighten your own wood? No problem! Wood-Chip’s professional carpenters can joiner, or straighten those last two sides for you. You guessed it. The term for this finished product is S4S or surfaced 4 sides.

Rough sawn lumber and s2s lumber is usually sold in exact thicknesses. These thicknesses are calculated in the 1/4″ inch incriment. This is why you often hear wood measured as 4/4, 6/4, or 8/4.. also known as 1″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ respectively.

To learn more about the measurements of s4s or nominal wood, Click here…